Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Penampakan Hantu Dalam Konser Musik

Penampakan Hantu Dalam Konser Musik

setan Saturday night at the music concert opened. a crowd that adored both of them! There’s been a lot of buzz about her on VH1, well deserved. there is some thing strange which appear and looked like a ghost. I was surprised to learn that she has no formal training because she performs with the confidence of someone who has been well schooled. is it the real ghost picture? His musical mastery and training in both of ghost leading classical music traditions allows him to bridge the gap between the hosror music of the North and the ghost of the South to create profound and illuminating music that enriches both. Primbon is a form of Sufi ghost music, its name deriving from the Arabic word Qual meaning “utterance (of the prophet). Its central themes are love, devotion and longing for the Divine. The Lewes concert will be a rare chance to see a Qawwali performance of what has been memorably described as ‘14th-century ghostl music’. Sridhar gives his Sufi guru the main credit for giving his music a quality. it may be cased because of the concert was heald in the rumah hantu. This is just the movement of the camerai think :) 

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